Tectoniques Ingénieurs has expertise and OPQIBI qualifications in building economics, HVAC engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, planning, coordination and environmental studies.

The engineers and economists of Tectoniques Ingénieurs are specialized on the environmental steps taken and on a specific approach to prefabrication and dry construction, mainly based on wood and biosourced solutions.

Located in the same premises, Arborescence and eEgénie, specialized in timber structure engineering and environmental expertise, complement the skills of Tectoniques ingénieurs and enable us to offer a comprehensive engineering service.

Lyon Agency

130 bis rue Baraban, 69003 Lyon
Téléphone : +33(0)4 78 30 06 56


ABDAL RAHMAN Anas – Economist
ALAUX Elsa – Structural engineer
BROYET Aymeric – Structural engineer
BURQ Benjamin – Engineer
CANCADE Pablo – Economist
CLAERR Marie-Orianna – Economist
DAMONT Charley – Structural engineer – General Manager
DEROUET Antoine – Climatic engineer
FEUGA Patrice – Economist
GUINARD Romain – Structural engineer
HANISCH Simon – Structural engineer
HERBO Julien – Climatic engineer
JANAUD Mélanie – Accounting and Human Resources Assistant
JOLLIVET Lucas – Architect – General Manager
LAVEYSSIÈRE Twiggy – Economist
LEBOURGEOIS Clément – Architect – General Manager
MASCLET Lauriana – Climatic Engineer
MOUNAUD Mayeul – Economist – General Manager
MORIN Rémi – All trades Engineer
MUZYCZKA Isabelle – Tenders and Office Manager
RINAUDO Paul-Émile – Structural engineer
RISSE Clément – Climatic engineer
THIEBLEMONT Hélène – Environmental engineer
WEITZ Robert – Architect – General Manager
ZARA Nibras – Structural engineer
ZURANO Cécile – Administrative and Financial Director

IT Administration: Idao
Chartered Accountant: Eric Pouchol / L’Urbaine de Comptabilité
Company legal counsel: Adrien Fabre Avocat
Legal advice on public and real estate law: Sébastien Bourillon / Urban Conseil
Auditor: Florence Travers / FTD Audit


Mayeul Mounaud +33(0)4 78 30 06 56