January 22, 2020
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Work in progress
CLT construction with PLX Monnet Sève in French wood

The Albertville Children's House is in progress.
The first CLT panels, which are PLX Monnet Sève in French wood, are installed.

Work in progress
School of dance and music

The prototype of the facade of the House of Arts of Charbonnières Les Bains has just been presented.
The construction is in progress.

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Work in progress
The construction of the Clermont-Ferrand Day Hospital

The construction of the Day Hospital for OPHIS and UGECAM is progressing.
The assembly of the wood components is in progress.
Delivery is scheduled early 2019.

The Team gets bigger

Lauriana Masclet, a climate engineering engineer, completes the climate engineering and electrical engineering division,
with Thomas Henrioud, Grançois Gellé and David Maisonnial.
Pierre Millot, architect and engineer comes to strengthen the economy pole,
with Julie Manach and Mayeul Mounaud.

Tectoniques ingénieurs recruits

Tectoniques ingénieurs is recruiting a Construction Economist / Business Manager and a Climate Engineering Engineer motivated on environmental issues.
Economist announcement
Fluid Engineer Announcement

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