Les locaux de la société
dans le quartier de la Part Dieu à Lyon


Engineering firms are growing in size.
Larger and larger companies offer complete, integrated services, often going beyond the conventional limits of our lines of work.

In contrast, we promote a balanced working approach.
Our scale of work is more moderate, with specialised know-how and players who are aware of their responsibilities.
We propose a made-to-measure service in the service of architectural quality.


According to one conventional view, architects design, while engineers calculate.
We promote a more horizontal work structure, where the engineer is also a designer, involved in the project process from its very early stages.

This involvement places the engineer in a more interactive role and ensures greater consistency between architectural choices and technical choices.


Above and beyond the control of energy costs, the complete integration of environmental concerns deeply modifies the way in which buildings are constructed.

We assert our specialisation in the dry construction process, particularly applied to timber construction, the use of bio-sourced materials with low embodied “grey” energy, the passivation of buildings, and construction with short distribution channels.


The space occupied by facilities associated with buildings  is growing, and the technologies used are more and more complex. This inflation is often excessive with regard to the uses and the maintenance that it requires. We prefer a small number of simple systems.

We believe that the project requires optimisations and balanced choices, and that, if they are well designed, constructions can avoid the use of costly, complex facilities.


We have completed a varied range of projects:
- public amenities & facilities
- eco-districts and sustainable living environment 
- work spaces
- health care facilities and specialised homes
- leisure amenities

With this comprehensive approach, we develop our working methods and our technical culture.

Documents de travail sur un projet
de centre de loisirs à Givors / Rhône
en cours de réalisation


/ TECTONIQUES / INGÉNIEURS / has qualifications and expertise in:
- quantity surveying,
- HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning),
- electrical engineering,
- environmental engineering,
- construction site scheduling, planning & coordination.


Nowadays, the control of construction costs cannot be dissociated from the architectural design approach.
We propose linear monitoring of projects, with close cooperation between the quantity surveyor and the architect, from the early stages.
This ensures the reliability of estimates and the precision of specifications.
We also highlight our economic expertise for projects with innovative construction systems (macrocomponent prefabrication, 2D-3D-5D construction, dry construction, timber construction, etc.) and committed environmental approaches.


HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) and electrical engineering are now strategically-important fields.
To be efficient and to comply with present-day requirements, projects must incorporate technical choices from the very early stages, and must monitor the proper operation of services installations in the late stages, including after handover.
We adapt our assignments and our organisation to these objectives.

We anticipate and keep pace with the continual changes in our lines of work and in regulations and technology, by providing regular, varied training. 


With our shared multidisciplinary approach, our personal dedication and our references in the field, we can offer our services for environmental engineering assignments, as well as for providing assistance to clients and for project design and construction management.

We propose an innovative approach, very closely adapted to the specific requirements and constraints of every project, such as:
climatic characteristics , density and frequency of occupation, local resources and know-how, etc.

Special attention is paid to comfort regarding temperature and humidity, particularly in summer, the carbon footprint of the construction and the facilities, the control of consumption  and of maintenance costs, and ecological construction.


Site supervision is a major line of work for / TECTONIQUES / INGÉNIEURS /. It ensures that our partners have good operational knowledge, adding to our design expertise.
We develop interactive computer tools and methods.
Our services include monitoring and application of the low-nuisance construction site charter.


TECTONIQUES / INGÉNIEURS / operates within a network of partners who, collectively, have all the expertise required for construction projects.
For each project, we can propose a complete, consistent range of architectural engineering.

Depuis la gauche:
- Local de la VMC des laboratoires de l’INRA à Nancy
- Détail de constructions pour des logements à Paris
- Chantier d’une école à Rillieux-la-Pape


Ever since its foundation, / TECTONIQUES / INGÉNIEURS / has had a complete design system, which is updated regularly (by updating software and renewing its computers and office systems). It includes CAD tools and 2D and 3D computer graphics tools for modelling and presenting the scheme from the sketch design stage, with different approaches: pure geometric, structural, bioclimatic and economic.
This working method is now moving towards BIM (building information modelling), which includes all players involved in the project.
In addition to CAD and computer graphics tools, there are engineering software applications installed on dedicated workstations for regulatory thermal calculations, thermodynamic simulation, daylight factor, quantity surveying (overall cost), and planning.


BIM (building information modelling) is a shared resource that enables architects, engineers and construction contractors to dialogue and to work together on the basis of the same documents.
It is entirely part of our goals of decompartmentalized working methods and better integration of the many different aspects involved in engineering.